CNN Accuses Trump Of Being Too Stupid To Collude With Russia

For a long time the media has been arguing that President Trump colluded with Russia, with very little evidence. However CNN’s Mary Katharine Ham says that Trump’s campaign was too “reckless, arrogant, and undisciplined” to have successfully colluded with Russia. She can name call all she wants, but Trump is a lot more successful than she is.

“Not every single discussion with a foreign entity or person is illegal on its face, that can be routine in transitions. But the thing I’ve always thought about this White House is even if there is no ‘there there,’ at the collusion part of this,” she started.

“I remain unconvinced that they were sly enough to cover up a giant criminal global collusion with the Russians–because they are reckless, arrogant and undisciplined. And this is what has taken Flynn down. He was reckless and undisciplined and dishonest,” said Ham.

“And that I think is going to be the pattern over and over again, because they are going to trip themselves up. Even if they are not being nefarious, they’re going to mess up over and over again, and that’s going to get them deeper into this,” she said.


How much more ridiculous can CNN possibly get? Check out the video below.



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    Too bad, Hammy, you didn’t make at Fox and aren’t doing too well here. Sorry, even tho you’re a cute girl.


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