Gingrich Says If Maxine Waters Actually Hit Trump, ‘He’d Knock Her Down’, Newt Didn’t Hold Back

California Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters has made a name for herself during the Trump era in America by making completely laughable, racially-tinged statements about President Donald Trump and his followers.

Lately, Rep. Waters has escalated to making threats to President Trump, which has raised many eyebrows about her mental stability. In a recent speech, she went as far as to proclaim to an audience that she was going to “go and take Trump out tonight.”

Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program and poked fun at Maxine’s threat. Said Newt,  “You’d never get it to happen, but the idea of a round between her and Donald Trump is pretty interesting. I think he’d probably win in the opening half minute.”


Replied Sean, “He’s not gonna hit a girl, a woman, he’s not gonna do that.” Gingrich fired back, “Oh, sure he would. If he was confronted with her, he would be very pleasant until she hit him, and the second she hit him, he’d knock her down. Let’s be honest here. This is crazy.”

Speculated Newt, “I’m guessing her reference to Muhammad Ali is a reference to boxing, and so she meant it in a sense of hitting in a ring.” He then continued, on a more serious note, “My point’s this: The left … you have a pathology … you are so anti-Trump, that you’re not in touch with the real world. I think Maxine Waters is in the same group. There’s this whole group of people who are so, frankly, crazy, that they’re certifiably out of touch with reality.” Do you agree with Gingrich?



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