President Trump Destroys 185,000 Pages Of Government Regulations In One Dramatic Movement [Video]

President Trump announced his incredible success at eliminating unnecessary taxes and government regulations.

He stood next to two large stacks of paper, the first was 20,000 pages and represented all the regulations in 1960. The 2nd was 185,000 pages and represented all the regulations in 2017. President Trump took a pair of scissors and cut the red tape.

“One of the very first actions of my administration was to impose a two-for-one rule on new federal regulations. We ordered that for every one new regulation, two old regulations must be eliminated. You heard me say that on the campaign, many, many times. As a result, the never-ending growth of red tape in America has come to a sudden, screeching, and beautiful halt,” said President Trump.

“Instead of eliminating two old regulations, for every one new regulation we have eliminated 22 — 22 — that’s a big difference. We aimed for two for one, and, in 2017, we hit 22 for one,” Trump said.

“Every unnecessary page in these stacks represents hidden tax and harmful burdens to American workers and to American businesses, and, in many cases, means projects never get off the ground,” said Trump.

 “By ending excessive regulation, we are defending democracy and draining the swamp. Truly, we are draining the swamp. Unchecked regulation undermines our freedoms and saps our national spirit, destroys our company. We have so many companies that are destroyed by regulation — and destroys obviously jobs,” he said. “Now there is accountability. So together, let’s cut the red tape. Let’s set free our dreams. And, yes, let’s make America great again,” said Trump.

Check out the video below.





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