MSNBC Host Says Her Calling Trump A ‘Bully’ And Worse ‘Isn’t An Opinion’

Left-wing media outlets like CNN and MSNBC love to try to criticize Fox News, claiming that Fox’s programming is far too reliant on opinions and not straight facts.

Of course, the liberal news’ coverage is even more based on opinions, but they have the gall to call their opinions “facts.”

This was shown recently when MSNBC was covering President Trump’s speech to the FBI National Academy. Reporter Peter Alexander trying to drum up some controversy by stating about the president, “What do you say when you’re speaking to that community that’s under attack? We look forward to hearing that. Obviously he’s gone after all these different groups. Often times not afraid to say it to their face. What does he say on camera?  We’ll be watching.”

Replied Stephanie Ruhle, delivering what is entirely an opinion, “I mean, Peter, you know the answer. President Trump, and I’m not speaking –- this isn’t an opinion, if you look at his pattern, he has a pattern of bully behavior. What he says when they’re not in the room. He goes after them super hard. And then when he walks in, it’s hugs and kisses.”

Despite denying that they were saying opinions, they carried on, with Tim O’Brien commenting, “You know why he does it, right? He’s a demagogue. This is classic demagoguery. He is trying to convince people watching him on TV that he’s the only one who should be believed.”

Then Stephanie tried to smear Trump’s entire staff with her opinions, remarking, “Okay, but the demagogue isn’t living in the castle alone. He is surrounded by senior advisers. And take Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Huckabee Sanders who have made it clear Sean Spicer-style they’re there at the pleasure to serve, to please the President.” Do you think it’s ridiculous that MSNBC called Trump a “bully” and then claimed that it is not an opinion?

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