Black Lives Matter Tries To Sue Judge Jeanine Pirro, Fox Hits Them Back In An Epic Way

DeRay Mckesson, a Black Lives Matter activist is suing Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro for calling him out.

“In this particular case, DeRay Mckesson, the organizer, actually was directing people, was directing the violence. You’ve got a police officer who was injured, he was injured at the direction of DeRay Mckesson, DeRay Mckesson walks away with a hundred thousand dollars, for an organization that is amorphous, we got a problem in this country,” said Pirro during her show.

McKesson protested this. First he wrote a tweet. “I was found not guilty & I didn’t direct any violence. In fact, I was protesting the violence of the police. Stop lying,” he tweeted. Then he made the lawsuit.


“Pirro made these false statements of fact on the highest viewed morning cable show in the country, ‘Fox & Friends,’ which reaches over 1.7 million viewers. These statements of fact are false, and were either known to be false by Defendant Pirro or were made with reckless disregard for whether they were true,” says the lawsuit.

However, Judge Jeanine Pirro will not take this lying down. “We informed Mr. McKesson’s counsel that our commentary was fully protected under the First Amendment and the privilege for reports of judicial proceedings,” said Fox News in a statement.




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