Dems Make Dumb Smear About Trump Jr., Gowdy Just Hit Back At Them Twice As Hard, Ouch

It is standard practice during political campaigns, even during high school, for one side to conduct “opposition research” on the other side so they can know how best to appeal to voters and beat them.

Somehow, however, liberals who are grasping for straws are now claiming that First Son Donald Trump, Jr. violated laws by performing “opposition research” on Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in support of his father who was the Republican nominee. Thankfully, Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy poured cold water on liberals for this new smear.

Rep. Gowdy went on Fox & Friends to give his take on the meeting that Trump Jr. had with a Russian lawyer who had “opposition research” on Clinton to share with him.

When asked if there was anything wrong with this, Trey replied, “No, I don’t even think he did anything improper. Differing minds can quibble about whether you should accept an offer to provide oppo-research.” He then hit back with a fact that should quickly put an end to anti-Trump figures’ argument. Said Trey, “Keep in mind the DNC was paying $10 million to do oppo-research on Trump.”

Commented Gowdy about top-level FBI officials who have been helping Robert Mueller, “The higher-ups have had a really bad two years,” and said they’re the ones “whose reputations are under assault, not the line agents.” He added, “Congress should not have to fight with the FBI to access information that we’re entitled to. We should not have to threaten Contempt of Congress. I want the information we are entitled to to be able to do our jobs.” Are you glad Trey destroyed the Democrats’ latest fake news story? Watch below:



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