BREAKING NEW Out Of Pennsylvania…. THIS IS HUGE!!!

Two thugs who broke into a home got taught a brutal lesson and one of them ended up dead.

It happened in a quiet neighborhood in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania at around 1:30 am when 84-year-old Don Lutz was woken up by the sounds of shattering glass and two intruders barging through his front door.

Lutz grabbed a handgun, which he told KDKA he keeps under his pillow while he sleeps, and went out to investigate.

He was met by two men breaking into his home.

“I was in bed sleeping, they woke me up,” Lutz told KDKA. “Woken up to them busting in on my front door, and I went out in the hallway in the dark, and I met this one guy, and he went to grab me and that’s when I shot him.”

The man who was shot died on the kitchen floor.

Police said that Lutz then got into a scuffle withe the 2nd thug who was able to knock his gun out of his hand.

The thug then ran away and at this time in on the run.

When asked if he would have shot the other thug Lutz said, “Oh yeah, I would have shot him. They dropped the gun out of my hands, It was laying on the floor. I would have shot him, too.”

Police did not identify the suspect who died. Lutz, who was taken to the police station for questioning, did not suffer any injuries, Fox News reports.

“At this time, it appears to be justified. We will take the evidence and go review it with the District Attorney’s Office and determine, let him make the final determination,” said Ellwood City Police Lt. David Kingston.

The homeowner says police never found the bullet inside his home, but they did find one casing. He said he hopes they catch the second suspect fast.

This is the perfect example of why our Second Amendment rights are so important.

If Mr. Lutz didn’t have a gun, he may have been beaten or killed.

The race of the two intruders was not reported at the time this report is being written.

You gotta love Mr. Lutz.



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