Obama Launches Asian Speaking Tour To ‘Correct’ President Trump

President Trump recently visited with China, South Korea, Japan and more. Now that President Trump is home, Obama has decided to launch a speaking tour in Asia. Many are angered that this is Obama’s pathetic attempt to ‘correct’ President Trump.

“Barack Obama is the great explainer to the rest of the world of what the heck is going on in America. He’s a calming influence in a world that’s teetering on frenzy right now. Obama arrives and it reminds them of old-style diplomacy and the dignity of statesmanship,” explained presidential historian Douglas Brinkley.

Obama just arrived in Shanghai. He is planning on meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinpinh, who President Trump had met with just a few weeks ago. Obama’s office claimed that they are planning to discuss the global economy, climate change and more.

“When it’s done right, the former president will check in before he goes, and see if there’s anything he should or shouldn’t do or say. It’s a longstanding tradition,” claimed Michael Duffy, author of “The Presidents Club: Inside the World’s Most Exclusive Fraternity.”

Do you think that Obama needs to back off. He is not the President and he never will be again. Do you think Obama should face reprecussions for what he is doing?



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