Watch: Mother Whose Son Is Stuck In Chinese Jail Teaches LaVar Ball A Lesson In Respect

President Trump saved three UCLA basketball players from spending 10 years in a Chinese prison. Despite saving their lives, the mainstream media still called Trump a racist for being upset when LaVar Ball, father of one of the players, acted very ungrateful and insulting towards the President.

One mother, whose son is still stuck in Chinese prison, went on Fox News to ask for Trump’s help. And to teach LaVar Ball a lesson in gratitude.

“Another mother whose son is stuck in China pleading for President Trump to help her son who has been held in Chinese jail for over a year. She says she would never stop thanking President Trump for his help,” explained Fox’s Griff Jenkins.

The mother, Antoinette Brown, explained her son’s situation. “He ended up going to China to help a friend coach the doctor’s football team and he was also teaching English to the teammates that didn’t know English. He had been there for a year. And he ended up going to a friend’s birthday party at a bar and he was attacked by a group of locals throwing bottles at him. And unfortunately, he was the only one arrested after the attack on his life,” she explained.

“Antoinette, let us give the floor to you here right now. What would you like to say to President Trump right now?” asked Griff Jenkins. “I would humbly ask for him to help my son that’s in an unfortunate situation, and I would be truly grateful. And most definitely would thank him with no problem,” said Brown.

Check out the video below.



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