CNN Responds To Sexual Assault Allegations Against Dem Rep. Conyers By Comparing Him To Rosa Parks

Democrats have been praising Democratic Representative John Conyers ever since he was accused of sexual assault.

The mainstream media has called the GOP the ‘party of pedophiles’ for supporting Roy Moore despite unproven accusations against him. Meanwhile, Conyers actually paid a woman $27,000 in court for firing her when she refused to have sex with him. We KNOW Conyers is guilty.

Despite this, Nancy Pelosi called the Conyers an “icon” and during “CNN Newsroom,” Rep. Gregory Meeks said that he thinks Pelosi is completely right.

“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi earlier today, before John Conyers stepped down as a ranking member on the Judiciary Committee, called Congressman Conyers an icon, presumably making reference to his record as a civil rights activist, Korean war vet, co-founder of the Congressional Black Caucus. Do you believe that was appropriate? Do you take issue with that?” asked a CNN host.

“He is definitely an icon. He has contributed mightily to this country. He has made this country a better place. When you think about where we would be if it wasn’t for Rosa Parks refusing to get out of her seat. And yet and still here is a woman that was disrespected by white America and prevented from having a job any place in the United States,” said Meeks.

“Here was John Conyers, who decided he would hire her in his office and treat her with the kind of dignity and respect that she deserved. There is no question and I think history will record John Conyers as an icon and individual who has committed his life to making the United States of America a better place,” said Meeks. Are liberals total hypocrites?



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