Antifa Scumbag Rioter Attacks And Kills Police Horse Gets Instant Unexpected Karma

For the past year, the alt-left group Antifa has plagued our newsfeeds with their violent and hateful protests in America. Instead of these millennials accepting the fact that President Trump won the election, they continue to stomp around the country creating havoc and chaos. Not only are these nasty Antifa rioters in our country but have branched off into other countries around the world to spread their message of hate and discourse.

Now, one of these horrible human beings took their rioting a step too far by killing a police horse in a recent protest and received a MASSIVE dose of karma that should send a clear message to all the other scumbags not to mess with justice.

Over the last couple years, the American people have had to deal with our fair share of dingbats starting with the rabid feminists who claim everything is sexist to Black Lives Matter that openly calls for the murder of white people. As if we didn’t have enough to worry about with those unhinged lunatics the rebirth of Antifa reared its ugly head after the election of Donald Trump. For close to a year, we have listened to their incessant droning over how President Trump is a fascist and all his supporters are Nazis. To add more insanity to the mix these ignorant basement dwellers have openly called for the violent overthrow of the American government.

Sadly, this disgusting movement is not just contained in America and has found a home overseas now too.

In a recent protest in Holland, Antifa rioters clashed with anti-Islam group Pegida in Nijmegen on Sunday. The altercation between the two groups was tense, and the mood was described as “grim” by many onlookers. The local police did their best to keep the crowds from clashing even going as far as to erect barriers between both sets of demonstrators. However, despite their best efforts, Antifa only became more violent, and an intense stand-off emerged between law enforcement and the alt-left group.

At one point, a member of Antifa threw a smoke bomb and was quickly arrested for their action and then the protest took a deadly turn when a police horse died due to the efforts of the violent group.

Female police officer cries next to the horse who died during the altercation with the violent alt-left group, Antifa on Sunday.

Here is more from Neon Nettle:

An Antifa member has been arrested following the sudden death of a police horse during a demonstration between Antifa and right-wing Pegida in the Dutch city of Nijmegen.The horse suddenly collapsed at around 2 pm suffering suspected heart attack presumably brought on by the intense “standoff” between Antifa members and police.

The police officer riding the horse was also injured as the animal fell to the ground. An Antifa member was arrested following the incident for throwing a ‘smoke bomb’ which was suspected to have caused significant stress resulting in the heart attack.

Infowars reports: According to reports, the atmosphere throughout the protest was “grim,” with riot police having to form cordons to prevent the two groups from clashing.Following the incident, an Antifa demonstrator was arrested for throwing a smoke bomb along with another man who could not be identified. Pictures show one female police officer having to be consoled as she sits next to the dead horse crying.

Although it is not known whether the actions of any the protesters directly led to the horse’s death, there have been numerous other instances where far-left agitators have attacked police horses. During an anti-Trump march in Houston in November last year, a woman reacted to cops attempting to conduct crowd control operations by punching a police horse.

23-year-old Antifa member Lisa Joy Simon was also charged with aggravated assault in June of this year after she used a flagpole with a silver nail attached to it to hit a state trooper’s horse in the neck during an event in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where Antifa members clashed with anti-Sharia law demonstrators.

During another anti-Trump rally in March 2016, Kansas City Police say a protester, 29-year-old April Foster, slapped a police horse in the face. She was later charged with abuse of a police service animal.

After the death of this innocent animal, you have to wonder if the left will come forward and denounce Antifa once and for all. You see for too long liberals have coddled this destructive group claiming that they are standing up against fascism peacefully.

Well, how is causing the death of an innocent animal and injuring them considered peaceful? It isn’t at all, and the left will sidestep this issue as well since it shows their glaring hypocrisy. After all, these are the same people that choose to protect animals and lecture everyone who eats meat as murderers but are alright with ripping babies out of their mother’s wombs in the name of “choice.”

At any rate, it is good to see this Antifa member being charged with a crime and hopefully, it will send a clear message to the rest of the group there are severe consequences for their actions. Maybe, after a few of these disgusting individuals face real punishment they will stop with their violence and allow the adults to get back to business.


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