Watch ABC Guest Say That Republicans Excuse Roy Moore Because They Are Used To Being Raped

The mainstream media is furious at Alabama Republicans who still support Roy Moore despite allegations. They don’t understand the phrase “innocent until proven guilty.” Well they do when it comes to Democrats. Cokie Roberts, a veteran journalist and ABC guest has a theory on why Republican women like Roy Moore. They were raped.

“One of the things to keep in mind is, in the base, even women are suspicious about these sexual harassment claims,” said Roberts.

“And part of the reason for that is that women who are not in fancy white collar jobs often have really awful things happen to them on the job. They are assaulted. They are raped. They have horrible things happen to them,” said Roberts.

“And so when they hear women say, ‘he talked dirty to me,’ or ‘he came on to me,’ they think, ‘big deal. That’s not what happened to me. What happened to me is so much worse.’ And so there’s not that same sense of affinity,” said Roberts.


Remember the days when people cared about due process? Those days seem to be long gone. No one except for Roy Moore and the women accusing him know for sure right now what really happened. Until their is real evidence, people are allowed to believe what they want. Check out the video below.




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