‘How Can You Be On His Side?’ Joy Behar Trashes Trump Voters, Says ‘You Don’t Care’ About Huge Issue

Out of all the countless liberals in the media, Joy Behar just might rank as one of the most obnoxious ones. Behar currently serves as ringleader of ABC’s political talk show The View, which is little more than an obious propaganda platform for the Democratic Party.

Behar is currently making the rounds of friendly left-wing media outlets to promote her new book The Great Gasbag. With a name like that, it is a surprise that it is not Behar’s autobiography. Rather, it is just another of the long line of liberal hit pieces on Republican President Trump.

During a recent appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough told Behar that he hopes that people who disagree about Trump can still be civil to one another during the Christmas season. Behar only agreed somewhat, saying that she has engaged in “fights with people at dinner parties.”

 She went on to say that she cannot be peaceful with Trump voters, stating, “I think it’s important, but I really can’t do it. I have to tell you.” She went on, nastily, “Because if you’re a Trump supporter, there’s something going on with you that I can’t abide.”


Behar then claimed about Trump voters, “That means that you don’t care about the environment. It means that you don’t care about women’s issues. It means you don’t care about the fact that he provokes that nut case in North Korea. I’m worried about the country. So how can you be on his side? I don’t get that.” Do you think this gasbag needs to stop talking about something she doesn’t understand? Watch below:



Source: http://conservative101.com/can-side-joy-behar-trashes-trump-voters-says-dont-care-huge-issue/#ixzz4zftwXnfn

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