Liberal Writer Explains Why ‘White People’ Make America Worse Than North Korea

Kate Morgan, a liberal writer and filmmaker has almost 50,000 followers on Twitter. Despite being white herself, Morgan shared some of the most vile angry messages about White People you’ve ever seen. She started off a conversation with the following tweet. “I hate White people.”

Apparently some people insulted her appearance as a result of this tweet, so she responded with “Again, in typical misogynist fashion, because I critique White society — you have decided to put my attractiveness into question, when quite frankly, I only ever play it up as a secondary trait because I don’t want to bone racists or lunkheads,” she tweeted.

““I hate white people,” is not a critique. It is a broad-sweeping incendiary statement—essentially hate speech—and ignorant in its conclusion that white culture is uniform,” responded one user.

Even though she used the word ‘white’ several times she wrote this tweet. “I disagree. I hate White culture, and I am not a fan of people who use the label “White.” It’s a completely fabricated racial distinction meant for segregation and discrimination in the Americas. If you use it with pride, I’m not a fan!” she tweeted back.


“Did you not. Just use. The term. “WHITE.” In your initial claim to hate white people?? Look. I can do this all day. Just admit you’re racist and let’s go back to pretending it’s not North Korea racking up the most human rights violations on this earth,” responded the user. “North Korea is terrible, but so is the U.S. actually. Let’s not pretend we are “oh so much better,” tweeted Morgan. See the tweets for yourself below.



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