Judge Confirms Our Worst Fears And Releases Audio Of Muslim Oklahoma Beheader Explaining His Motives

A Muslim man was recently sentenced for the horrific beheading of a coworker and the brutal attacks he committed on others at a Moore food-processing plant. The judge threw every book possible at the brutal attacker after the jury made their decisions, leaving Alton Nolen with no other option but the death penalty. Nolen will spend the rest of his life awaiting his day on the bed of execution, thinking about the bloody things he did for reasons that completely do not justify his dismembering actions.

The judge later released audio of the Muslim who beheaded someone that sad day in Oklahoma. The audio provides coverage of the beheader stating his potential motives and explanation for why he murdered a co-worker and attacked others back in 2014. It truly confirms horror and makes matters more excruciating for friends and family of the victims.

The interrogation interview audio is frightening and may cause your stomach to swirl in a sea of sickness. KOCO 5 News reports that some of this audio was played for the jury and that helped them deliberate the conviction that ultimately leads to Nolen’s death sentence. The following is part of the interview transcript that Nolen provided to the FBI while he was in a hospital bed after the horrendous attacks.

Detective Tony Towery: “Yeah, what happened to you?”

Nolen: “Uh, uh, uh. I beheaded somebody today.”

Towery: “Do you regret what you did?”

Nolen: “No.”

FBI Agent David Otwell: “Not at all?”

Nolen: “Nah. I don’t feel regret because, you know what, what I done, that’s probably gonna make Vaughan Foods a better place to work at.”

Nolen was convicted of beheading co-worker Colleen Hufford, stabbing Traci Johnson and attacking others. He told investigators that he felt oppressed because he is a Muslim.

Nolen: “You know I feel like, uh you know, uh, I got upset because, you know, what I’m saying, y’all? The whole time I been here, you know what I’m saying, I been feeling oppressed like it didn’t want me to be here.”

He then described his attack to investigators.

Nolen: “I beheaded them.”

Towery: “Uh huh.”

Nolen: “I grabbed them.”

Towery: “Uh huh.”

Nolen: “I started to attack them.”

Nolen confirms that he became upset and felt like he didn’t belong on the job. His feelings caused him to sever the head of a coworker and viciously attack others. His feelings lead him to murder and attempt to murder multiple people who most likely did not deserve anything like this to ever happen to them.

Was Nolen a victim of workplace bullying? There does not seem to be any report of that. If that ever happens, then most people talk to their boss or find a new job like a mature adult.

Does this have anything to do with Nolen’s affiliation with the Islamic culture? The Islamic culture is well known for beheading people, particularly members of ISIS. This is most likely not what an everyday Muslim person thinks or feels. The thought of beheading people most likely comes from people who are radicalized Islamic terrorists, not to be confused with everyday hardworking American Muslims. There’s no particular reason to categorize everyone into a terror group when a few people commit the unimaginable terror crimes…even though most beheading crimes come from the Muslim religion. Beheadings and explosions are Muslim extremists modus operandi and there’s no denying that. If we lumped people into categories based on religion, color, or ownership of particular items, then we’re blanketing a majority for the act of a minority. People would say every white gun owner is a Vegas massacre shooter and we know that’s not true. White folks aren’t committing mass shootings every day, nor are the majority of legal gun owners. We shouldn’t lump the majority of good people into the same crowd as the extremists, as that’s simply unfair to the good people.

But, we can say that Nolen may have been influenced by the sickness that comes with being radicalized Muslim. Perhaps his atrocious beheading was an influence of his religion. Was he committing the attack based on his feelings and association with watching what other angry Muslims do? Or was he beheading people because he thought of it all on his own?

If Islam is the religion of peace, then what exactly was this? What part of slicing someone’s head off and attacking others is peaceful? His attack led to death and destruction which seems more like the uncivilized version of the Islamic religion and that’s embarrassing and insulting to any good Muslim person in America.

That was a very sad day in Oklahoma for many friends, family, and coworkers of the victims from the beheading and attack at the Moore food processing plant.

The released audio is sickening to listen to and it’s clear that Nolen has no regard for human life.

Hopefully, he provides more information to help authorities understand his crimes and give our country ideas for preventing more of these attacks. Until then, he’ll sit on death row and wait for someone to end his life and stop the burden on American taxpayers.

It’s a shame that being sentenced to death requires an ounce of humanity, because if it were up to the American people, this brutal murderer would be lined up on a firing range, shot in all limbs, and left for vultures to pick him apart in the hottest desert man can find.


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