‘A Bunch Of Celine Dions But No Beatles’, Dem Strategist Just Ripped Own Party’s Bad 2020 Candidates

The Democratic Party is still reeling more than one year later from the gut punch it received during the 2016 election. They honestly thought that they had the presidency in the bag, and also believed that they would retake the Senate, as well.

Neither of those panned out, of course, and they have been left scrambling to figure out why the Democrats are so unappealing to so many Americans, especially working-class who used to regularly vote for them in midwestern states and elsewhere.

Unfortunately for the left, it does not appear that the Democrats have a hero lined up who will rescue them in three years. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are perceived to be too old, and Liz Warren and Kamala Harris are too extreme and divisive. One Democratic strategist recently shared his harsh opinion of the current crop of potential candidates.

Stated Democratic strategist Phil Singer, who worked on Hillary Clinton’s failed 2008 campaign, about the current Democratic line-up, “You have a bunch of Celine Dions but there’s no Beatles.” This is certainly deadly, given the charisma and true star power incumbent Donald Trump has.

Democratic strategist Brad Bannon said that the Democrats have a tall order in finding a Bernie Sanders-like candidate to lead them in 2020. Explained Brad about the challenge, “His people have never gone away. And he has a loyal core following out there that will be with him come hell or high water. The Sanders wing is becoming the dominant wing of the party.” Do you think the Democrats are doomed in 2020?



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