MSNBC Is Furious At President Trump For Thanking Our Troops On Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving, President Trump took the time to video chat with our troops and thank them for their service. However, according to MSNBC his gesture was not good enough.

“One, it’s nice for the president to do that… Maybe I’m reading too far into this, but it didn’t seem very authentic. It seemed to be heavily scripted. I’m used to a president looking into the camera and thanking the men and women. Talking about them and what they’re doing about not about, to use his words, a beautiful tax cut,” said MSNBC analyst Robert Traynham.

“Nobody wages cultural wars as effectively as Donald Trump,” said another MSNBC guest Brendan Greely. “It was amazing to watch him in his message to the troops doing it right then and there, talking about, ‘the reason we’re different is this administration is letting you do your job , they’re letting you fight.’ These are all cultural signals.”

“The speech is kind of pockmarked by these political points and these partisan points. The idea that you’re fighting for something real when the real thing appears to be a booming stock market? I mean, I’m perplexed,” said another guest Niall Stanage.


No matter what President Trump does they will find some way to insult and belittle him for it. Are you sick of all their hatred and lies? Check out the video below.





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