Black Lib Just Ordered The ‘Broke White People’ Who Voted For Trump To ‘Wake Up’

The American political class is always trying to tell regular Americans what to do and, especially, how to vote.

Thankfully, regular Americans staged what was truly a revolt and elected successful businessman Donald Trump, a complete political outsider, to be America’s newest President.

The political establishment was, of course, stunned by this upset victory. Unfortunately for them and for the harmony of our country, they still have not accepted it or learned their lesson about not talking down to us any more.

An African-American, liberal pundit on CNN named Roland Martin clearly did not get the message. He first told black people why they should be angry about Trump, saying that he is making “race-based appeals to his base by attacking NFL players” but ignores supposed police brutality. He added, “But he won’t address that because he’s weak. He wants to be Mr. Law and Order, but he doesn’t want to deal with the real-life issues these players are talking about. So what he’s doing is he’s pushing his little buttons for his mostly white supporters.”

He then claimed that President Trump doesn’t know how to read, saying, “In order for you pass legislation, you actually need to know how to read, and how to talk to people. All this talk about, ‘Oh, I know how to make great deals?’ No, you can’t, because you don’t know what you’re doing.”

The political pundit then decided to lecture regular American white voters, saying, “I need broke white people in America to wake up. They’re the ones getting screwed. Y’all might want to wake up, hashtag, we tried to tell ya.” Do you think this idiot Democrat needs to stop talking about things he doesn’t know anything about?
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