‘Morning Joe’ Just Said Every Republican Should Wear A Scarlet ‘P’ For ‘Pedophile’

Former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough of Florida has given up even the slightest pretense of being a conservative. Perhaps swayed by his girlfriend and co-host Mika Mrzezinski has turning his show into a “safe space” for hare-brained liberal ideas.

This was put on full display recently when a Morning Joe panel said that Senate candidate Roy Moore and Donald Trump, for backing Moore, had turned Republicans into the “party of pedophiles.”

Said MSNBC’s Charlie Sykes during the discussion, about President Trump’s support for Moore, “What a catastrophe this is for the conservative movement and the Republican party. What he has done is put a scarlet P for pedophile on the forehead of every Republican in this country that does not strongly repudiate this.”

The rest of the panel then took this rhetoric and ran with it. Contributed liberal Susan Delpercio, “Well the president basically admitted I’d rather have a child molester in the Senate than a Democrat. He set the standard for our country. Bob Corker back in Charlottesville says he doesn’t understand paraphrasing, he doesn’t understand the character of the country. Once again clearly Donald Trump doesn’t get it, we don’t want child molesters in the U.S. Senate.”

Then Scarborough himself weighed in, and stated, “They have to be very concerned. Democrats and a lot of never Trumpers and also conservatives are starting to say, if Donald Trump and the Republicans back Roy Moore and seat him, they are going to be the party of pedophiles.” Do you think it’s disgusting that he and his guests would stoop to say this about Republicans? Watch below:



Source: http://conservative101.com/morning-joe-just-said-every-republican-wear-scarlet-p-pedophile/#ixzz4zJ5tEkmm

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