Herman Cain Just Made A Very Bold Prediction About 2020 Election, Some People Will Hate It

Successful businessman Herman Cain made a name for himself on the national political stage when he ran for president in 2008.

Even though his bed was unsuccessful, the traction that Cain did get helped paved the way for outsider Donald Trump’s victory eight years later.

Cain has been watching the current political situation closely, and just made a prediction about what the Republican Party is going to do in the 2020 election.

Stated the Godfather’s Pizza CEO during an interview on Fox Business, “I don’t believe any of the GOP people are going to try to run against (Donald Trump), to take him out, they’re just going to probably try to work against him, like many of them are doing right now.”

Cain says he is ready to help Trump win again in 2020, and that he has been keeping an updated list of “RINOs” for the public’s knowledge on his website. Said Herman, “We are keeping track of the Republican RINOs on health care, the Republican RINOs on the tax bill, and we’re going to keep a rolling list of all of the Republicans in name only so we can share it with the public.”

He went on, “Many of these Republicans, they believe that their constituency has short memories. Some of them do, but we don’t, and we’re going to make sure people know how, on these big issues, that the public cares about, many of them did not support the president.” Do you think Cain is right about the Republican establishment’s plans for 2020?



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