Breaking: A Former GOP Senate Candidate Was Just Found Dead

It is always sad when a prominent conservative passes away, particularly one that never gave up fighting an uphill battle to promote real values in a liberal “blue state.”

One such person is Jack E. Robinson III, who battled against entitled Democrat Ted Kennedy to represent leftist Massachusetts in the U.S. Senate. Robinson was only 57 years old when he died. His body was discovered in his home in Dyxbury, Massachusetts, and officials have not yet released the cause of death.

Robinson most recently made headlines last December when he urged President-Elect to consider making Cuba America’s 51st stated. Tweeted Jack, “President-elect Donald J. Trump should make a deal to allow Cuba to become the 51st State!” He added, “I have spoken to many Cuban Americans who believe that statehood would be the preferred choice of the Cuban people ― especially given Puerto Rico’s recent financial problems as a U.S. commonwealth.”

Lifelong Republican Robinson held up Ronald Reagan as one of his heroes. He first met the future president in 1976 and he said, “Four years later at Brown (University), I was the vice president of the Brown Republican Club. Reagan visited the campus, and he remembered me from 1976. I was impressed by that. He’s been an inspiration for me ever since.”

He first challenged Sen. Kennedy in 2000, but was defeated in part due to his gun rights advocacy as a proud gun owner. He ran for Senate unsuccessfully in 2009 and 2013, as well. Will you pray for Jack Robinson and his family?



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