MSNBC Accuses President Trump Of Siding With ‘Neo-Nazi’s’ And ‘Child Predators’

President Trump came forward in defense of Roy Moore, because their is no evidence that the allegations are true. Liberals are furious that the President believes in ‘innocent until proven guilty’. Even though they shun Bill Clinton’s accusers they treat Roy Moore accusations like they are proven facts. In an awful rant MSNBC’s John Heilemann accused Trump of siding with pedophiles.

“Trump sees himself in Roy Moore, he does. He sees the politics of it too. The momentum was for Hillary Clinton, all of the polls said Hillary Clinton was going to win and there’s all these people in the Trump base standing up saying, ‘fake news, fake news, fake news.’ He listens to these press conferences,” said Heilemann, even though that was fake news.

“He recognizes the dynamic in Alabama where he hears Roy Moore’s defenders attacking the Washington Post, saying that the women made it all up. He thinks the woman who attacked him made it all up,” said Heilemann.

He added, “The best analogy to me for this, trying to loop all this together, is Charlottesville. Was there no one who could go into the Oval Office and say to Donald Trump it’s bad to be on the side of neo-Nazis? The answer was ‘no’ then, and the answer is ‘no’ now,” said Heilimann.


“What’s worse, a child predator or a neo-Nazi? I’m not going to make a call on that, but Donald Trump didn’t seem to find a problem to be on the side of neo-Nazis and apparently he doesn’t see a problem being on the side of the accused child predators either,” he said. Is MSNBC fake news?



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