Flashback: Hillary Almost Catches On Fire, Yells The Lord’s Name in Vain

With news of new allegations against Clinton, everyone has been scouring the archives for juice on Slick Willy C.

That’s how this gem resurfaced.

In the video, Bill and Hillary begin to state he’s never had an extramarital affair… when Karma, the universe, God himself… whatever you want to call it, decided to shut those lies DOWN.

I have to be honest.. I’ve watched it more than a few times now.

Admit it… you laughed.

Can I just say that I find it odd that “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!” is her go-to exclamation? Does she really need to bring the whole family into it?

Additionally… Bill didn’t even TRY to protect his loving Bride, did he? I know for CERTAIN that if a set collapsed on me and my man was sitting next to me, his FIRST move would be to shield me…

Bill? Not so much.

It’s almost like we’ve been getting signs that she’s a demon all along…


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