RINO David Brooks Says Christians Who Support Roy Moore Are Guilty Of ‘Heresy’

During the presidency of Republican Donald Trump, there are many self-proclaimed “Republicans” who have been showing their true colors and blocking President Trump’s conservative agenda.

One such RINO is New York Times columnist David Brooks, who frequently rails against President Trump and the people and the issues he supports. During a recent episode on the government-funded PBS show PBS NewsHour, Brooks went so far as to claim that any Christians who support Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore are heretics.

On the show, David first chided liberals, saying, “If I could add one thing on the — first on the Clinton thing, I think it’s — we just have to look back and say the people who ignored the testimony of Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick helped set the stage for this. And the Democrats who defended Clinton in those cases, they helped set the atmosphere for what we’re seeing and for the behavior that Harvey Weinstein and the rest can get away with.”

However, this fake Republican saved his most poisonous darts for Christian conservatives, ranting, “The second thing to be said is, there is a word for what defenders of Roy Moore are doing, the people who said they were vote for him nonetheless, and — well, two words. One word is idolatry, and the other word is heresy, because the people who are putting — who are going to sacrifice morality for politics are making an idol out of politics.”

He wasn’t done. He then claimed about Christians, “They’re saying politics is higher than morality. And no honest person can possibly believe that. And if you’re putting politics above personal morality, above the way we treat each other, above the nature of your own soul, you’re just — you’re making an idol out of it. And that is the ultimate in heresy. And to see — I saw a tweet from Franklin Graham, Billy Graham’s son, defending Moore, you know, sort of, oh, they’re all a bunch of hypocrites up there. It’s just appalling. It’s just — it’s almost mind-boggling that people who — especially people who have been steeped in any faith could make this kind of fundamental error, which is warned against again and again in the Bible, and to be heretics. They’re heretics.” Do you think David Brooks should get kicked out of the Republican party? Watch below:




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