CNN Devotes Entire Segment Comparing Inside Of A Dogs Ear To Trump’s Face, And It Gets Worse

CNN is totally real news? Right guys? CNN devoted an entire segment to discussing how they found that the inside of a dog’s ear looks like President Trump’s face. “A dog named Chief has an ear that looks like Trump’s face,” reported CNN.

CNN reports that the dog had an ear infection, and when taking pictures to send to the vet, they discovered Donald Trump. CNN then read several tweets of people reacting to the news. The dog owners made a fundraiser to raise 600 Euros for their dog. “As for Chief, his ears are improving with treatment. Until then, he’s got the ear of the president–hail to this Chief!” said CNN’s Jeanne Moos.

This joins the list of CNN’s aggressive angry and irrelevant stories about President Trump. Earlier this year, CNN reported that President Trump took 2 scoops of ice cream, while everyone else took one. They tried to make this into a metaphor for Trump being selfish.

They also just reported on Trump dumping fish food into a Koi pond in Japan. They tried to make it seem like Trump did something wrong and overfed the fish. But in reality President Trump was just following the Japanese leader’s lead.

CNN prides itself on reporting ‘hard news’ and being ‘fair and balanced.’ Check out the results of that hard work in the video below.



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