Booby-Trapped Trump Sign Gives Liberal Thief Shock Of His Life!

It is incredibly frustrating to put up a political sign only to have it taken right out of your yard. During the 2016 presidential election, this happened to many Donald Trump supporters. Their signs would be stolen repeatedly. Some Trump supporters got creative in order to protect their signs and teach liberals with sticky fingers a much-needed lesson!One homeowner had enough and booby-trapped his sign so the next thief would get an electric shock. He was tired of Hillary Clinton supporters stealing his property. This actually worked and it was all caught on video!

In the video below, you see the liberal thief spot his Trump sign and then suddenly take off to grab it. When he grabs onto the sign to pull it out of the yard, he gets quite a shock and does a little version of the “Electric Slide!”

Watch the video below for a great laugh at Hillary Clinton’s expense!

Beautiful! This man got exactly what he deserved! Hopefully, that electric shock has taught him not to steal private property, even political signs!Left-wingers can’t handle the fact that Republicans have First Amendment rights too!  They will shout conservatives down, block traffic, and steal Republican signs right out of someone’s yard!This isn’t the only homeowner who booby-trapped his Trump sign. Another man was tired of his sign being stolen repeatedly, so he set out to teach the next thief a lesson. He also wired the sign to give any thief an electric shock. Click here to watch another liberal sign thief get shocked when he attempts to steal a Trump sign.That never gets old to watch! Most of us learned to respect other people’s’ property at a young age, but these liberal thieves didn’t and they got shocked because of it! Serves them right!

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