Bar Refused to Show NFL Games — What They Did Instead Defines America

Veterans Day weekend NFL games were highly anticipated as many were curious to see what players would do during the national anthem as veterans were being honored. Only three players took a knee during the anthem on Sunday. However, one restaurant never would have known because they didn’t even show the games.

Woody’s Roadside Tavern in New Jersey decided that they would be joining the NFL boycotts and would not be showing any NFL games, as IJR previously reported. Instead, the bar raised money for veterans with a live band. Proceeds went to the Green Beret Foundation and the Special Forces Charitable Trust.

The owners, Chris Maltese, Jennifer Knapp, and Rob Johnson, stated that veterans traveled from hours away just to be a part of the event, and it gained attention quickly. They appeared on “Fox & Friends” to discuss what happened.

Johnson said:

“Yesterday was the pinnacle of my life, to do something for the veterans first-hand in a local community.”

The restaurant was packed and everyone stopped to stand and sing during the national anthem.

Watch the video below.


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