Rush Makes Huge Prediction About 2020, Smacks Down Lib Report That Trump Is Losing His Base

Republican President Donald Trump has a rock-solid base that has been supporting him through thick and thin this year, despite the attempts by the liberal-biased media and Democrat and establishment Republican politicians alike to defame him.

These anti-Trump forces got some encouragement recently when two Democrats were elected Governor, in Virginia and New Jersey. In addition, a transgender person was voted into the Virginia state legislature, a first in this country.

Liberals have been claiming that this very small election somehow shows that people are turning against President Trump. Thankfully, radio legend Rush Limbaugh was quick to point out how wrong they are. He also made a very bold prediction about how TRump would do if he ran again.

 Stated Limbaugh on his show,  “[T]he new media narrative . . . is [that] the Republicans are finished, that the Virginia vote means everybody’s tired of Trump, fed up with Trump, embarrassed by Trump, and it’s over. And it doesn’t mean that at all. It doesn’t mean anything.” He stated that Virginia “does not translate to other states.”

Rish went on, “And yet the drive-bys, all they can talk about is the wave of resistance against Trump that swept so many Democrats into office . . . a virtual tsunami.” Limbaugh countered this by citing a poll that 82% of people who voted for Trump in 2016 would do so again today. He went on, “This is why all of the polls show that Trump would win if the election were held today. But what these two numbers mean in the . . . hypothetical election that would happen today, Trump would win by a wider margin nationwide if the election were held today.” Do you think Rush is right?


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