Hillary Clinton Publishes A Letter To Her Teenage Self, Get Ready To Laugh

Hillary Clinton, once a presidential candidate is now spending her time writing love letters to herself for Teen Vogue Magazine. The self published article is called “Hillary Clinton’s Letter to Her Teenage Self Is So Powerful.”

She described all the powerful women she saw when she first arrived in college. This contradicts her narrative that men are oppressing women, but there you go. “When you first arrived on campus, you found yourself surrounded by brilliant, accomplished women. They were fluent in other languages. They had lived abroad. They had already read half the books on the syllabus,” she wrote.

“That was intimidating—so intimidating, in fact, that you called your parents and told them you didn’t belong at Wellesley after all, and you needed to come home. Your dad, who’d never really wanted you to go so far away for school in the first place, was more than ready to welcome you back. But your mother was not about to let that happen. She said you had to be brave; you had to stick it out. And you had the good sense not to argue, which turned out to be one of the best decisions you ever made,” she wrote.

 She forgot to warn herself of her husband cheating on her and her humiliating loss to Donald Trump.

“Down the road, your tall, handsome boyfriend who’s crazy about politics will ask you to move to Arkansas with him. It will be a pretty outlandish suggestion—in fact, your friend Sara will spend the entire drive to Little Rock trying to talk you out of it—but your heart will steer you right,” she wrote. Hmmmm.


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