Nurse Working Graveyard Shift At Hospital Discovers Shocking Note Attached To Domino’s Pizza

It’s expected that if you work the late graveyard shift at a hospital, you’ll probably going to see your fair share of excitement and strange occurrences.

However, for one Texas nurse, he didn’t think that would come in the form of a Domino’s pizza he ordered. It’s not the first time he opted to order from this particular location for a quick bite he could share with his colleagues, but it will most likely be his last. Using the “notes” section of the sticker receipt, an employee at the pizza place let the nurse know just how they felt in an outrageous handwritten message.

It’s grueling to work any graveyard shift since it goes against a human’s natural sleep pattern and you still have to be functional on the job, especially as a nurse. When it came time for his “lunch break,” the nurse, who asked to not be named, dialed up a Paris, Texas Domino’s and got his order in just before their midnight closing time, CBS 11 reported. He asked that the order be delivered to his work at the Paris Regional Medical Center, but was not expecting what showed up with his pizza.

AmericaNow reports:

A Texas nurse is outraged after finding a rude note attached to his pizza order from Domino’s.

When the pizza arrived, the nurse found a handwritten note attached to it that read: “Thanks! We would appreciate it VERY much if you didn’t wait until 5 minutes before we close.”

“It was the rudest thing I’ve ever seen,” Kerry Miller, a friend of the nurse, told CBS 11. “I don’t care if they called one minute ’til, the business is still open,” Miller continued. “Service your customers.”


Miller, who posted a picture of the insensitive note on social media, said that nurses had to work to save lives every day no matter the time. “How would you feel if you wrote something like that and then the next day you were laying there?” he said. 

Although none of the employees at the Domino’s Pizza store in Paris were willing to comment to CBS 11, Tim Mcintyre, a company spokesperson, sent a statement.

“We do not condone or encourage this kind of behavior or one-sided ‘[dialog]’ with customers.” 

That’s an exceptionally passive and unapologetic answer. Domino’s should have the decency to address the issue appropriately by offering a better statement than that. The nurse’s friend, who spoke on his behalf, felt that the response left a lot to be desired and was rightfully not satisfied how they treated the matter.

“I want to see an apology to that hospital,” Miller said. “I don’t care if they have to bring a pizza to every floor, these nurses deserve something better.”
“Domino’s has not said whether the employee who wrote the note will be disciplined,” AmericaNow added. The chain seems to have an issue with employing individuals with bad attitudes since the nurse is not alone in being slapped with a nasty note on the box. What a woman in West Bloomfield, Michigan got on her pizza order was far more foul that the hardworking nurse’s message.

Huffington Post reported at the time of the incident, in December 2015, that the customer, Keenyatta Robinson, had received vulgar notes from her Dominoes twice.

Via Huffington Post:

Keenyatta Robinson refuses to give her dough to Domino’s Pizza after discovering a vulgar note on two receipts.

Robinson’s daughter recently ordered a pizza from a Domino’s in West Bloomfield, Michigan. When she saw the receipt, something bothered her (and it wasn’t the price of the pie). On the receipt were three words, two of them offensive: “f*** this c***”.

“I don’t understand why they would treat me this way,” Robinson told WXYZ TV.

Robinson decided to see if it was an accident, so she placed another order.

“When I came to pick it up that receipt had the same vulgar language,” she told the station. Robinson believes the receipts are in retaliation for the time in 2014 when she complained about not getting the sausage pizza she ordered. The manager told her she would no longer be served, and she complained to his superiors.

Ronnie Asmar, Director of Operations at Domino’s, said that manager was later terminated, in part, for being rude to customers. “His parting gift to us was putting that vulgar comment in her phone number’s notes,” Asmar told the station. Apparently, no one noticed the comment until Robinson pointed it out.

Asmar has tried to apologize to her and offered a gift certificate to make it up to her, but Robinson refuses to accept it — ever. “I will never eat here again,” Robinson told the station.“Ever. In my lifetime.”

With so many places that people can choose to order from these days, it’s in a business’ best interest to provide customers with a good experience, if they care about sticking around. It’s unacceptable for any worker to treat a paying customer the way Domino’s has and expect to keep their job.


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