Vin Scully Shreds Anthem Kneelers, ‘I Will Never Watch Another NFL Game”

If there’s one thing that can be said with certainty about the national Football League, it’s that it is in trouble. It has been riddled with scandals about doping as well as allegations that the league hid medical facts about the long-term dangers of repeated concussions and other head injuries from players.

Even before all the protests began, the NFL’s viewership has been declining. The response to the anti-anthem, anti-flag protests by players has, of course, sped up this decline.

One of the beneficiaries of NFL’s non-stop scandals has been the sport of baseball, which has managed to reverse its decline. Despite having no shortage of players from non-white backgrounds, baseball has yet to see the kind of protests found in football and basketball.

Legendary retired broadcaster Vin Scully serves as Major League Baseball’s unquestioned elder statesman, tracing his career calling Dodgers all the way back to when the club was located in Brooklyn. At an event in Pasadena, California, Scully recently aired his opinion about the football protesters.

 Said 89-year-old Vin in clear-cut terms about the kneeling, “I have only one personal thought, really. And I am so disappointed. I used to love, during the fall and winter, to watch the NFL on Sunday.” He went on, “And it’s not that I’m some great patriot. I was in the Navy for a year. Didn’t go anywhere. Didn’t do anything. But I have overwhelming respect and admiration for anyone who puts on a uniform and goes to war.” Scully then said, damningly, “So the only thing I can do in my little way is not to preach. I will never watch another NFL game.” How much do you love Vin for saying this? Watch below:





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