This Is How Obama Greeted Emperor in Japan While President — Now Look at What Trump Just Did

President Donald Trump recently met with Japanese Emperor Akihito at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, marking his first visit to the land of the key U.S. ally.

People immediately noticed the stark contrast in how President Trump greeted the emperor compared to what former President Barack Obama did back in 2009 when he visited the Imperial Palace.

First, let’s look at Trump.

Now, here’s Obama back in 2009.

The difference between the two styles is obviously distinctly clear.

Trump’s supporters were quick to bring attention to the different greetings on social media.

When asked by the Daily Mail why Trump declined to bow when greeting Akihito, a Trump administration official reportedly said bowing is “not his style — never has been.”

Watch the video of Trump’s handshake with the Japanese emperor below.


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