New York Governor Attacks Republicans For Praying After Texas Shooting, It’s Disgusting

After the deadly shooting in Texas, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo took to twitter to insult people who feel the need to pray for the victims and their families.

“We have pastors, priests and rabbis to offer thoughts and prayers. What we need from Republicans in DC is to do something. Lead,” wrote Cuomo. Like the murderer in Texas, many liberals are atheists and of course don’t understand the importance of prayer. Prayer helps us connect and it leads to action. That is part of why Conservatives donate to charity so much more than liberals do.

Cuomo wasn’t the only person to insult those sending thoughts and prayers. MSNBC’s Joy Reid went on a long rant against thoughts and prayers as well.

 “Remember when Jesus of Nazareth came upon thousands of hungry people, and rather than feeding them, thought and prayed? And all those lepers he came upon, and rather than healing them, thought and prayed, and thought and prayed…?” tweeted Reid.

Such thinkers and prayers, these supposed inheritors of his faith have become. Such thinkers and prayers…Those money changers and Pharisees — boy were they relieved when Jesus came in, saw their graft and walked away, thinking and praying… I mean why actually DO anything at all, when it’s so much easier to just think and pray, and think and pray…? It so happens that in the secular world we regulate things like guns through laws. And you can’t think or pray those up. Someone has to ACT,” she tweeted.


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