Plenty of people get drunk at sports games—and most Americans don’t have a problem with other people doing what they want to do. The problem begins when somebody becomes so drunk, and so visibly aggressive, that they begin causing a ruckus and attacking people.

A woman had apparently been drinking far too much, and it began to show in her behavior. What started off as a nice, family friendly football game eventually devolved into a full out brawl. As police came to escort her away from the crowd, she threw a temper tantrum and made the biggest mistake of her life.

In this 14-second video which is going absolutely viral on social media, the woman, identified as 30-year-old Bridget Freitas, throws two open palms at an officer’s face. She’s too drunk to have any accuracy, so she entirely misses with the first smack, but the second one lands right across his face.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman—you should never hit a police officer. These men and women put their lives on the line every single day, and although they try to exercise restraint, they don’t know if you’re carrying a knife, pepper spray, or a gun.

After the 30-year-old Freitas smacked a black police officer across the face, she got something in return: a big fat punch, right in the nose. The punch seemed to knock her unconscious, which may have been the officer’s plan, as it was then easier for them to carry her out of the football stadium.

Daily Mail reports:

The Miami-Dade police department is investigating a shocking video that shows the moment an officer sucker punched an unruly fan during a University of Miami football game on Saturday night.

The 14-second video was first shared by Barstool UMiami, and appears to show four male police officers pick up a woman in a UM t-shirt.

The woman, identified as 30-year-old Bridget Freitas, misses when she first tries to hit the officer holding her right leg, then lands a slap on his face during her second swing.

Almost immediately the officer pulls back his arm and punches Freitas in the face.

Police said that Freitas has been charged with Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer, Disordly Conduct, and Breach of the Peace. The incident happened during a University of Miami football game, in which they beat Virginia Tech on Saturday night.

It turns out that Miss Freitas, who works as a nurse, has a previous history of violence, though. Public records show that she’s been arrested at least once before in 2012, when she was charged with battery. The details aren’t clear, but her repeat offense is crystal.

This is yet another example of an entitled individual thinking it’s okay to physically assault a police officer. Cops don’t care who you think you are, what gender you think you are, and whether or you’re drunk or not—if you decide to lay a hand on them, they will lay one on you. Plain and simple.

Here is the video.

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