Tucker Carlson Just Exposed The Truth About CNN’s Jim Acosta To His Boss, It’s Epic

Tucker Carlson just exposed the truth of Jim Acosta to the head of CNN Jeff Zucker. Carlson started with an interview of Jeff Zucker claiming that CNN is fair and balanced. Carlson than showed exactly how unfair and unbalanced Acosta really is.

“Quote, he said, ‘I think our air as supposed to others is truly fair and balanced.’ Jeff Zucker said that apparently without snickering. Which raises the question, how much CNN does Jeff Zucker actually watch? Has he seen Jim Acosta lately? Acosta is CNN’s senior White House correspondent. That is a title that suggests journalism rather than uninformed commentary. And yet, here is Acosta from just two days ago, unloading what he is clearly a pre-rehearsed editorial on CNN’s air.,” said Tucker.

Tucker showed a clip where Acosta said the following: “I think President Trump now has the world record for injecting politics into the aftermath of a terror attack. That is exactly what has happened in the last 12 hours or so as the President has been tweeting about this.”

“This president won a world record for injecting politics? According to Jim Acosta, reporter, that is, quote, ‘Exactly what happened.; Can we get some documentation for that claim? A certificate from the Guinness book, maybe?” said Carlson.


“Did CNN’s most visible hard journalist just accidentally slip into third-rate punditry? It looks that way. And it probably wasn’t by accident, actually as a veteran Acosta watcher, we have noticed a theme here,” said Carlson. Check out the video below.



Source: http://conservative101.com/tucker-carlson-just-exposed-truth-cnns-jim-acosta-boss-epic/

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