Lucas And Spielberg Discuss Indiana Jones Having Sex With 11-Year-Old Girl In Disturbing Clip

More and more we are finding out that Hollywood celebrities, (the one lecturing us about how Donald Trump is evil) are nothing but creeps, rapists and pedophiles.

Could George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg be added to that collection? Just read this disturbing transcript of them discussing if they should have Indiana Jones have sex with an 11-year-old girl.

“I was thinking that this old guy could have been his mentor. He could have known this little girl when she was just a kid. Had an affair with her when she was eleven,” said Lucas about the relationship between Indian Jones and Marion.

“He hasn’t seen her in twelve years. Now she’s twenty-two. It’s a real strange relationship,” said Lucas.
“She had better be older than twenty-two,” said Spielberg. “He’s thirty-five, and he knew her ten years ago when he was twenty-five and she was only twelve,” said Lucas.

“It would be amusing to make her slightly young at the time,” said Lucas. “And promiscuous. She came onto him,” said Spielberg.

 Here is some dialogue that made it into the movie. Marion: “I’ve learned to hate you in the last ten years!” Indiana: “I never meant to hurt you.” Marion: “I was a child. I was in love. It was wrong and you knew it!” Indiana: “You knew what you were doing.” Marion: “Now I do. This is my place. Get out!” What is wrong with these people?


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