Owner Blasts Political Correctness In Epic Rant After Media Gets Upset Over Caitlyn/Bruce Bathroom Signs

Dodie’s Place, a small Cajun restaurant in Texas put up humorous photos of Bruce Jenner in front of the men’s bathroom and Caitlyn Jenner in front of the women’s bathroom. One could argue that they are acknowledging Caitlyn Jenner as a woman, but that is not how the liberal media saw it.

The Dallas Morning News wrote about the incident and attacked the whole area. “Collin County, where Allen, Texas is, as a whole is considered a conservative bastion in North Texas. I wouldn’t consider it a particularly great place to be LGBTQ,” wrote Dom DiFurio

“Plain and simple, Dodie’s is turning transgender women into a joke,” wrote the Daily Dot in response. And heavens forbid anyone make a joke. The owner apologized to the people he offended but then made a fantastic point about political correctness and the damage it causes.


“First and foremost, our intention was not to make fun of or offend anyone when we installed the pictures of Bruce and Caitlyn on our bathroom doors. It was merely a lighthearted gesture to push back against the political correctness that seems to have a stranglehold on this country right now. We believe that political correctness has done more to silence rather than encourage important discussions that our society probably needs to have,” they wrote.

“Based on the mind-boggling feedback, both positive and negative, people are having that discussion. However, name calling and words like transphobic, deviant, racist, homophobic, bigot, etc. serve nothing but to continue to divide us instead of uniting us. After all, we are all part of the same race – the human race. Surely, we can discuss this topic and many others without slapping hurtful labels on each other. Please know that we are here to discuss this and move forward as a community. Everyone is welcome here,” they wrote.




Source: http://conservative101.com/owner-blasts-political-correctness-epic-rant-media-gets-upset-caitlynbruce-bathroom-signs/

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