MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Accuses Trump Of Trying To Start A ‘Civil War’ Between White And Black People

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews accused President Trump of trying to create an ‘ethnic’ ‘racial’ divide and trying to start a civil war.

After the horrible terror attack in New York City, President Trump pointed out that this man was let into our country through the immigration diversity lottery system.

“This impulse to go after immigration law, you know, right after Las Vegas and that horrible shooting out there last month, early last month, the conservatives said, ‘We shouldn’t be talking politics and gun control after such a horrible tragedy. Let’s give it some time,’” whined Chris Matthews.

“We’re talking about immigration politics before we even know what happened or even the motive necessarily of this guy,” said Matthews. The terrorist shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’. We all know the motivation.

 “The politics, the mannerisms of this president are, always look for the partisan divide, and if you can, if you’re really lucky, look for an ethnic divide. If you can break it along racial, ethnic, background lines, it’s a winner for Donald Trump,” said Matthews.

Then he got even more ridiculous. “It just seems like he always looks for the — the statues issue, he’s back in there again with his chief of staff. Looking for north/south, blue/gray fighting again, trying to reignite — re-enact — I don’t mind re-enactors, but he’s trying to reignite the Civil War,” said Matthews. He’s a moron.


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