‘We Have Enough Screwballs’, Home Depot Founder Rips Our Immigration Policy, Is He Right?

Yet another horror connected to radical Islam occurred when an Uber driver from Uzbekistan rented a Home Depot service truck in New Jersey and used it to kill eight people in New York City and injure fifteen others.

In the wake of this senseless tragedy, the founder of Home Depot spoke out against America’s lax, misguided immigration policy that allowed hateful killer Sayfullo Saipov to come to America and stay here.

Commented Ken Langone, “Nothing proves to me more than this experience that we need to know who’s here with us. How the hell can we just say, ‘Come on in and we don’t care how you got in here and we don’t care where you’re from or what you did or what your background was’?”

He added, “I’m not arguing pro or against immigration. My grandparents came here as immigrants. I think virtually everybody’s ancestors came here as immigrants. We’re a country of immigrants – but, they all came legitimately and we all knew where they came from and what they wanted to do.”

 Attacking America’s current immigration policy, Ken went on, “This underscores the need for us to be diligent and have a program and have an effort where people have to let us know who they are and that they came in here legitimately. Why have borders, otherwise? I don’t understand this.” He elaborated, “Look… there’s nuts in the world,” Ken Langone admitted. “You know, we have mass murders, remember Ted Kaczynski, the guy that was the Unabomber – we have enough screwballs in America without importing them.” Do you agree with Langone?
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