Maher Calls On Sen. Flake To Help “Elect A Democrat”

Sen. Jeff Flake made headlines when he announced he wouldn’t be running for Senate again and proceeded to make a long anti-Trump speech. John McCain praised him as being brave and heroic because of this. However, now HBO’s Bill Maher is trying to get him to go full Democrat.

“If Jeff Flake or somebody like that wants to really make a difference, you said he should go back and fight. What they really should do, is run as an independent. 80% of Republicans are with Trump, that means 20% aren’t. You could get those people. You could, as a patriotic service, split the Republican vote 80-20 and elect a Democrat, like Teddy Roosevelt did in 1912,” said Maher.

After Flake’s anti-Trump speech, Flake was asked if he would prefer having Hillary Clinton as President. Flake refused to give a response. “We kind of made a faustian bargain with this President, that we could excuse the behavior and everything simply because we could get some conservative judges or tax cuts,” responded Flake.


“Would it have been better if she won the election?” asked NBC’s Matt Lauer again.

“Well, I can tell you, no President, Democrat or Republican in recent memory has exhibited the kind of behavior that this president has. And so I am a republican, I’m a conservative. I would love to have a Republican president, but not at any cost. I didn’t vote for this President last November. I didn’t vote for President Clinton either… Secretary Clinton either,” said Flake. Do you think that Flake will take Bill Maher’s advice?




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