A Black Pastor Just Got Banned From His Gym Because He Supports Trump

A 68-year-old pastor named Jesse Lee Peterson has gotten a great deal of flak simply for the fact that he is African-American and also an outspoken conservative and supporter of Republican President Donald Trump.

It also certainly does not help that Rev. Peterson lives in deep-blue southern California. In one incident that showed just how petty and vindictive supposedly “tolerant” liberals have become during Trump’s presidency, Rev. Peterson was kicked out and then banned from his own gym.

Peterson is a member of Equinox Sports Club in Los Angeles, and sometimes used the fitness center to do radio interviews. Peterson’s lawyer Anthony Kohrs explained that the pastor “finds a spot where there isn’t a lot of background noise. He never had a problem. He’s even been given permission by employees to use their offices.”


However, one of the gym’s employees heard Jesse backing up President Trump on a racial matter during an interview. This employee brought over a gym manager, identified only as Scott, who forced Peterson to leave the premises and later voided Peterson’s membership in the fitness center altogether. Later, when Peterson tried to find exactly what the cause was, Scott yelled at him, “You support Donald Trump!”

Said Peterson in a statement about the incident regarding the gym’s employees, “They were also angry because they heard me say that blacks and Hispanics are NOT suffering due to “racism” (one of them is Hispanic). As a result, these Equinox employees repeatedly got in my face and kicked me out of the gym.” He added, “I grew up under Jim Crow laws. I have never been treated that way in my life.” Stated Jesse’s lawyer, “Nothing I can think of that he could be accused of would warrant violence or a lifetime ban.” Are you disgusted that this Trump supporter had his civil rights violated like this?



Source: http://conservative101.com/black-pastor-just-got-banned-gym-supports-trump/

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