Gorka Just Told Hannity His Harsh Punishment Idea For Hillary, Did He Go Too Far?

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, PhD, who is an expert in terrorism, is well-known for his bold opinions, which he often expressed in his former role as Republican President Donald Trump’s deputy assistant in the White House.

Gorka may have resigned from his official government job, but he has not remained silent while he has been observing the political scene in Washington, D.C. from the sidelines.

In a recent interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News’ Hannity, the two discussed how then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signed off in 2010 of the sale of the Uranium One mining company to Rosatom, which is the official atomic energy agency of Russian.

 On the show, Gorka compared what Clinton did to the treasonous actions of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were found guilty in the 1950’s of committing espionage. Stated Senastian to Sean, “If this had happened in the 1950s, there would be people up on treason charges right now. The Rosenbergs, OK? This is equivalent to what the Rosenbergs did and those people got the chair.”

Gorka went on, “Think about it. Giving away nuclear capability to our enemies, that’s what we’re talking about.” Do you think what Hillary Clinton did with this sale to Russia constituted treason and should be treated as such by our courts?
Watch below:


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