Trump Mentally Unfit To Be President Claim Experts, But They Purposely Omit The Most Important Detail

Democrats are getting desperate now that the Russia-Trump allegations are falling through, they are now contacting psychology professors seeking professional info on the presidents mental state.

They are trying to prove that Trump is not mentally fit to serve as president, which is a new low for the democrats.

“It’s one thing from my non-professional, non-clinical standpoint [to] believe that someone does not have the capacity to do the job, it’s another thing to talk to experts and [those] who can deal with mental psychosis on a daily basis, so I wanted to hear from them,” Rep. Jackie Speier, a California Democrat, told BuzzFeed News.

Other notable Democrats, such as Fredrica Wilson have also made claims that Trump is mentally unfit, Wilson went as far as to call Trump a “sick man”. California Senate Candidate Tom Steyer’s ad campaign calls for Trumps impeachment on the ground thats he is “mentally unstable.”

Bandy Lee, a Yale Psychology professor, has publicly stated that she has been contacted by a handful of Democratic leaders from both the House and Senate inquiring about the presidents mental state.

Duty to Warn, the group that Speier is consulting, was founded by former Johns Hopkins Assistant Professor John Gartner with the help of Lee. The name comes from the fact that phycologists are immune from legal repercussions when disclosing information about a client who exhibits violent behavior.

“[We] hope to be to the 25th Amendment what the NRA is to the [Second Amendment],” Gartner told BuzzFeed, though some have accused Gartner and his colleagues of violating the “Goldwater Rule,” which states that mental health professionals cannot diagnose a public figure if they have not personally examined them.

Gartner defended the practice however, saying that he doesn’t need to talk to the president face to face to give an assessment.

“How do you not need to evaluate someone if you’re going to diagnose their mental health?” Watters asked, though Gartner responded by arguing that “we actually can diagnose people much more reliably by their behavior and by reports of people who know them well.”

 He also admitted that he hadn’t interviewed or talked to anybody close to Trump, so I don’t know what information this assessment is based off of, just another failed attempt by the Democrats to make Trump’s life harder.

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