“It’s Outrageous!” CNN’s Van Jones Attacks President Trump For Sharing Story Of His Brother’s Alcoholism

President Trump recently addressed the awful opioid crisis in this county.He explained how he could relate to it because he had addiction in his family.

Trump’s older brother Fred died as an alcoholic and as a result President Trump has never had an alcoholic drink in his life. In an interview with Bill Maher, CNN’s Van Jones said that President Trump’s speech was “outrageous”.

“This is one of the things that I think is criminal on the part of Trump. He, and the Republican Party during the primary, went out and actually found out — which a lot of people didn’t know, that people are dying all over the country. You know, one of my close friends, Prince, died of the same opioid crisis that’s killing people in coal country,” said Jones.

“So, you literally have a catastrophe, and you could do something about it right now. It would take money. It would take willpower. You’d have to bring people together. Instead, you do a press conference, a tweet, and talk about advertising. You’re not going to save people’s lives…with an advertising campaign. And he is a demagoguing his own base’s pain and suffering, and it’s outrageous,” said Jones.

 “There are, in fact, medicines now. You have medically-assisted treatment, where you can get people to — instead of having the detox and die model, where you get people just well enough to go and overdose, you could actually fix it,” said Jones.

“But you’d have to bring people together to do it. And Trump doesn’t actually want to solve the problem. He wants to demagogue about it. In other words, the idea that there’s nothing we can do is false, false, false, and we need to get on this right now,” said Jones.


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