Chris Wallace Exposes Truth About Trump And The Uranium One Deal That No Democrat Wants To Admit

For months, Democrats have been accusing President Trump of colluding with the Russians with very little evidence. However, now it appears that they may have been covering for themselves. Maybe the reason they want to make it look like Trump colluded with Russians was because they don’t want to admit it was really Hillary who did.

Fox’s Chris Wallace told a very bold truth that Democrats do not want to admit. “The fact that Hillary Clinton or at least her campaign and the DNC was doing business with a foreign national, a British spy to get information from the Russians for this dossier certainly blunts the idea,” started Wallace.

“‘Well, it was the Trump campaign and it was outrageous the Trump campaign had anything to do with the Russians to maybe effect at the election’ because this is far more evidence we’ve ever seen involving President Trump and his campaign that the Democrats were directly involved in trying to get information from the Russians to affect the 2016 campaign,” said Wallace.

“Both things could be true that both sides were trying to get aid from a Russians and it seems true the Russians were playing both sides to try to disrupt the election. We have to wait and see,” he explained.


“But there is more evidence at this point of Democratic collusion with the Russians than there is Republican collusion with the Russians,” he said. Do you think that Wallace is right? Check out the video below.




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