Judge Pirro Just Made A Controversial Move Against Lib Media

Former Westchester County, New York judge Jeanine Pirro has been a longtime friend of President Donald Trump’s and worked hard to spread his message to Fox News viewers on her show when he was running for president as an outsider in 2016.

However, since Trump became president, the left in our country took a decidedly toxic turn, with liberal “Social Justice Warrior” protesters shouting down (and consequently shutting down) speaking engagements by conservatives such as Ann Coulter before they even had a chance to express their free speech rights and speak to the audiences.

To prevent this from happening, Pirro took an unprecedented step before she gave a talk on stage at the annual California state Republican party’s convention in the city of Anaheim. She decided to bar members of the media, which was comprised mostly of people from liberal-biased media outlets, from being present at her talk.

Some liberals felt outraged at the fact that the media was shut of her event, claiming that it violated the freedom of the press. However, many conservatives also defended Pirro for taking this bold step to prevent herself from being harassed by liberal protesters disrupting her.

Commented Pirro earlier this year on her show after a planned talk in Berkeley, California by Ann Coulter had to be scrapped due to protesters, “We are in danger of becoming a fascist, totalitarian society. I can’t wait for these young kids to get in the real world, to come into it, ‘cause they’re not gonna be able to survive.” She also explained how “the left is shutting down the right systematically.” Do you support this bold move Jeanine made to protect herself? Watch her calling out liberal protesters below:

Source: http://conservative101.com/judge-pirro-just-made-controversial-move-lib-media-support/

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