MSNBC Just called Trump A ‘Republi-Klan’ And It Actually Got Worse

It’s pretty sad that left-wing MSNBC still pretends to be a legitimate news source. It’s even sadder that millions of Americans tune into it and actually take what its hosts and their guests say seriously.

MSNBC has reached many low points in their coverage of Republican President Donald Trump over the past two years, but they may have hit rock bottom recently when one contributor called the GOP “the RepubliKlan party” and then kept going with similiar inanities, unchecked by the discussion moderator.

On the show AM Joy, host Joy Reid recently had on Mother Jones‘ Ari Berman as a commentator. Reid brought him on because he wrote a piece in his radical left magazine about how one of Trump’s federal judge nominees Tom Farr tried to created “voter suppression” in North Carolina.

First, Berman said ridiculously, “They’ve now shifted the Supreme Court for three or four decades because of Neil Gorsuch — because they stole a Supreme Court seat for Neil Gorsuch.” He then claimed that Farr’s law partner was a guy who was a huge a segregationist. Ari then tried to make it look like Trump was deliberately trying to make the courts racist, saying, “As if, I mean, this is the kind of person that Donald Trump is trying to nominate to the federal bench — these kinds of ties to segregationists, defending voter suppression laws. It’s so obvious what they’re trying to do.”

 He then praised George W. Bush’s nasty speech about Trump, and said, “Again, the issue polarizing here, the issue at the heartbeat of it all: race. The Republican party — or the RepubliKlan party, as I call them now, which is what Donald Trump has sanctioned them as — cannot and will not allow any proper discussion on their white supremacy to be had because it all unravels after that, and I think that’s what George W. Bush courageously did.” Do you think it’s sick that MSNBC gives bigots like this a forum?
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