Country Singer Slams NFL And Libs, Just Put Out Song Called ‘I’m Gonna Stand’

Our country has obviously reached a low in terms of our racial divide and our lack of respect for everything the United States stands for when we see pampered, multi-millionaire NFL players who believe they have been so wronged that hey have to kneel during the National Anthem.

They claim that they are protesting against police brutality against African-Americans, but they could find plenty of other ways to protest that don’t involve directly insulting the National Anthem, the American flag, and the U.S. military. It is, of course, very clearly an attempt to denigrate our country and not just a simple protest about the police.

Thankfully, many others in our country are stepping up to counter these professional football players’ hurtful actions. One person who felt inspired to go to work for America was country music singer Pat Garrett, who recently released a new single titled “I’m Gonna Stand.”

In his song, Pat reminds Americans of all the reasons that they need to proudly stand for our flag. Sings Garrett, “I’m gonna stand with my hand on my heart, because Old Glory represents the nation I love.” The song continues, “I’m gonna honor all those people who’ve died, as our symbol of freedom waves gloriously above. We’re so lucky to live in the land of the free, won’t you stand up alongside of me, because I’m gonna stand for the country I love.”

Said Pat to Allentown, Pennsylvania station WFMZ about kneelers, “I guess they have a right to do whatever they please — you know, this is America. However, when they play ‘The Star-Spangled Banner,’ I’m gonna stand, and that’s what this song is about.” This isn’t the first time Pat has tackled politics in his music. In 2008, his song “Moose Shootin’ Mama” about Sarah Palin reached number 4 on the Billboard country music chart. He also scored a country hit last year with the self-explanatory “I’m Voting For Donald Trump For President.” Are you glad this singer is using his talents to make a bold statement in support of America?
Watch his videos below:


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