Rob Reiner Denies The Sexual Predator Problem In Hollywood, Blames Justice Clarence Thomas

While some people in Hollywood are trying to fight the problem of sexual predators in Hollywood, actor Rob Reiner denies that their is a problem. “I gotta ask you about Harvey Weinstein. Not about him, but everything we’re reading, and the stuff that is backed up, and for sure, it seems so pervasive, it seems so supported. Is this how the industry operates?” asked MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski.

“No,” responded Reiner simply. “Are you sure?” asked a confused Brzezinski. Reiner then went off on a tangent attacking Justice Clarence Thomas.

“Here’s the thing – Harvey Weinstein’s disgusting, let’s just say that. But Fox News had that, Clarence Thomas – I think what we’re doing now, is it’s lifted this thing and put it front and center in a big way,” said Reiner.

“Women have a hard time. They are either not believed, they say “they asked for it,” or they’re punished. And how can they go up against the world that they’re in when they vote for a person who actually admitted to sexually harassing women, who becomes President of the United States? How do you fight that? We elected this man who actually said he abused women,” said Reiner.


Is he completely in denial? What is he trying to hide by deflecting the question like this? Check out the video below


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