Lib Keith Olbermann Just Blamed Trump For Mike Tyson Raping People

Mike Tyson may have been a peerless boxer in his prime, but his excellence in the ring also came with unchecked aggression outside of it. Sadly, the troubled boxer ended up getting convicted of rape charges and spent time in jail.

Ridiculously, liberal extremist and former ESPN host Keith Olbermann blamed Donald Trump for leading him there. On his program, Keith alleged that Trump and Don King somehow manipulated Tyson for their own benefit.

Said the loopy liberal in the introduction of his new book with the classy titled Trump is F*cking Crazy, “King and Trump came into a situation that was seemingly permanently under control, disabled the brakes and busted the headlights and painted over the speed-limit signs, and within a few years, Tyson was in prison, convicted of rape.”

 Olbermann alleged that Trump supposedly prevented Tyson from engaging in healthy behaviors, such as “taking the cocktail of medications that kept him surprisingly stable and unexpectedly kind and even sweet-hearted but harshed his buzz, or sticking to a diet, or training, or not attacking people, or not giving away $200,000 cars to strangers.”


Continued Olbermann, who is not related to Tyson, strangely, “The point of this book is to chronicle how Trump managed to get America to choose him to do to our country what Trump helped do to my cousin Mike.” Have libera;s like Olbermann officially run out of good lies to tell about Trump?



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